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The FarmlandFinder Promise

FarmlandFinder is committed to giving farmers, just like you, a competitive advantage through access to our broad, private network of farmland investors. Unlock equity stuck in your land by partnering with a qualified investor who will purchase your land and rent it back to you long-term. You have access to our Land Support Specialists throughout the entire transaction and sale-leaseback process to work together and seek success. 


Our investors are your investors

A simple way to get answers to the unknowns. Request an offer from qualified buyers in our private network. No listing agreements. No fees. Just offers straight from qualified investors.


A lease on your terms

Every operation is different, the same goes for sale-leasebacks! Sell your land to an investor and rent it back from them on a personalized, long-term contract that fits your operation's needs.


Let our specialists assist you

Our Land Support Specialists are with you through every step of the process to answer any questions you may have and ensure you are getting the best partnership for your operation!


Free assessment. No obligation.

What's your motivation?

FarmlandFinder helps you sell your farm privately to our group of exclusively vetted investors. We specialize in helping farmers obtain an alternative form of financing to help keep their farm running while maintaining operational control. We have helped farmers in situations like these and more:

Strengthen balance sheet

Whether you're looking to gain access to capital, reduce debt or improve cash flows,
sale-leasebacks help strengthen balance sheets in many ways.

Fund farm operations

Sale-leasebacks give farmers  the ability to reinvest money back into their operation, increasing efficiency, enabling financial freedom, and
improving the profit margins for the operation.

Pay off debt

The capital gained from the sale can be put towards assisting with operating costs, building infrastructure, lowering debt payments, or help to pay off current loans.

Rent more land

Wanting to rent the farm for sale down the road? An investor can buy the land from the current owner and rent it back to you long-term; similar to a sale-leaseback!

Buy more land

Want to expand your current operation but aren't positioned financially to purchase the land? Use the capital gained from a sale-leaseback to put towards the new land you're looking at!

Retire, but keep farming

Reduce risk, gain capital to set aside for retirement, simplify the dispersal of assets, all while limiting stress and continue farming until the transition to retirement happens.

Pay for a life event

The capital a farmer gains from a sale-leaseback can be put aside in the bank for future life events; like sending children to college (or those home renovations you've been meaning to do)!

Succession Planning

Young farmers don't always have capital to purchase land up front. A sale-leaseback gives them access to operate the land, while also giving the parent or grandparent the means to finance their retirement.

How It Works

Let us assist you through our straightforward, streamlined process.


Let's talk! We will see if a sale-leaseback is the right decision for your operation and provide you with a property report. No sales pitch here!


Request offers from our private network of farmland investors. View multiple offers at the same time and communicate with investors to find a good partner. No obligations!


After accepting an offer, our Land Support Specialists will assist you through the closing process, at your own pace, answering all the questions you may have. We help quarterback the deal!


Free assessment. No obligation.

What Farmers Are Saying

"I tried selling my property before coming across FarmlandFinder. Within a few days, I already found a buyer and was able to get my property sold."

Sayler B. - Douglas County, Nebraska

"Interestingly, I feel compelled to not tell my neighbors about FarmlandFinder, because if it's a secret it gives us a competitive edge... we're already talking about doing another deal."

Carl L. - Farmer in Wood County, Wisconsin

"I have tried to expand my land base using local realtors, but have never had much luck. I feel FarmlandFinder's nationwide presence opens up my land to many more investors across the nation."

Farmer in Southern Illinois