A digital dashboard for your company's farmland data

Software to consolidate your map-based information, giving your company visibility into your proprietary data & efficiencies through automated reports.

a dashboard of your farmland data

Cloud-based tool with robust map-based spreadsheets for your entire team

FarmlandFinder Enterprise empowers farmland service providers with a centralized comps & sales database that enables them to better harness their own data & be better prepared to remain competitive in a more digitized world.

Centralized Sales Database

Easily upload sales, comps, managed farms & other proprietary map-based information to unlock valuable insights & share across your team.

Push-button Property Reports

Quickly generate market insights with customizable, automated reports that can be shared either internally or externally.

Digital Plat Books

Through our partnership with Farm & Home Publishers, you will no longer have to flip through physical plat books or search for that digital PDF file. Access digital plat books for 500+ counties & easily print PDF reports, in just a few clicks.

Visualize AgWare Sales Data

Through an integration with AgWare, gain instant access to your sales information in a map+spreadsheet that can be shared with the entire team, not just the appraisal department.

Searchable Landowner Information

Through a simple search, instantly find the owner of a property & save their parcels to your online map, so you can reference it in the future.

Geospatial File Storage

Our map-based layout & spreadsheet format work to create organizational access & visibility into your data across your entire team.

Consolidate your company's map-based information into one database & make it accessible to your entire team through user-friendly maps & spreadsheets.

Tools designed for farmland service providers

Centralized Sales Data

Upload & manage sales comps with ease

Quickly analyze average sale prices per county, region & state

Always accessible and reduced data-entry

Digital Plat Books

Quickly see landowner information

Covering 500+ counties across the Midwest

Printable PDF reports

Searchable Landowner Information

Simple search to find landowner records

Save property files for later reference

Generate property reports on parcels in seconds

Push-button Property Reports

Customizable reports with automated visualizations of market insights

Maps, soils, trends, sales data & more

Downloadable & printable for ease of sharing

Visualize AgWare Sales

Make your sales database accessible to non-appraisers, such as farm managers, loan officers or sales agents

Quickly search, filter & find sales info

Viewable in both a map-based format and intuitive spreadsheet layout

Geospatial File Storage

Map any property in the US with ease

Quickly drop a pin for map-based data, such as sales, comps & actively managed farms

Sharable across teams for quick access

Why FarmlandFinder Enterprise?

The what
FarmlandFinder Enterprise is a bring-your-own-data sales repository, complete with automated property reports, landowner search, digital plat maps & cloud-based file storage.

The problem
Sales comps typically exist in a spreadsheet or Google Earth file one one persons computer. Or worse, on multiple peoples computers in different formats. This information is rarely accessible to multiple team members & oftentimes duplicate work is being done, which is painfully inefficient.

The why
This lack of visibility can make it arduous to locate this information & it can be even more time-consuming to extract insights from it. That's why we created FarmlandFinder Enterprise.

The who
These digital tools were designed specifically for farmland service providers:
Ag lending institutions Get a dashboard of your organizations sales information, empowering loan officers with access to sales comps & information to more quickly & effectively serve clients.

Farm management companies Gain company-wide visibility into your managed farms, sales comps & listings. Make quick connections to better serve your existing clients & gain new ones.

Farmland brokerage firms View all your sales leads, clients, sales & comps in a robust spreadsheet+map tool, so you have a 'God View' of the farmland market.

Appraisal companies A central database to consolidate all your sales comps information & quickly retrieve it when needing to complete appraisals or determine a quick range-of-values for a market.

Un-silo your data & build a map of your knowledge to gain an edge in the market, all while spending less time entering data & more time using it to better serve clients.

How it works

FarmlandFinder Enterprise is a central database for your proprietary sales information. Consolidate your boots-on-the-ground information and create automated reports to quickly drive value to your front-line people.

"We were in the process of building our own centralized system for data collection, storage, comparables, templates and mapping. We discovered FarmlandFinder and they already had everything we were creating…so it just made sense!"
Jacob Hart
Founder, Broker, Auctioneer - High Point Land Company
"It’s going to work much better for farm management companies and appraisal teams, so their different team members can see numerous layers of data side-by-side. Today, the reality is that we need to help farmland professionals do things as quickly as possible so they can remain competitive. That's why we're partnering with FarmlandFinder - so that these professionals have access to what they need."
Mark Elder
Head Engineer, AgWare
"With FarmlandFinder, we have a standard approach and Compeer users can access real-time information on demand using a modern, web-based platform. This technology gives us an edge in the market & the ability to serve clients in ways that weren’t before possible."
Adam Schmidt
Regional Appraisal Manager, Compeer Financial

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Consolidate your info. Automate reports. Share with key stakeholders across the organization.