Sale-leasebacks for farmers

We help farmers create long-term partnerships with investors to help them grow, reduce debt & maintain access.

1. Get pre-qualified for a sale-leaseback
Share some basic information about your property, farming practices & background.

2. Choose your rent price
One of our Land Support Specialists will help you determine what rent price to offer, assist you with the numbers & walk you through the process.

3. Get connected
Once approved, your property will get connected to qualified investors who are interested in doing sale-leasebacks with progressive farmers.

Get pre-qualified for a sale-leaseback

A sale-leaseback is when a farmer sells their land to an investor, then leases it back on a long-term basis. It can be an effective means of alternative financing.

Strengthen your balance sheet

Improve cash flow

Maintain long-term land access

Through FarmlandFinder, a progressive farmer can get connected with a qualified investor to create a long-term financial partnership.

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How it works

If you could sell some of your land and lease it back on a long-term basis, unlocking equity that's tied up in the land and giving you excess cash to finance your business how you see fit, would you?

A sale-leaseback can be an effective means of alternative financing for progressive farmers. An investor acquires the land from the farm owner-operator and leases it back on a long-term basis to the existing farmer.

Are you a progressive farmer that is looking to expand your land base, retire debt or unlock equity that's tied up in land? If so, a sale-leaseback might be for you.

Typical scenarios

#1. Cash seems too tight to invest in my operations
Sound familiar? If lowering your debt payments would increase your ability to reinvest in your farming operation, a sale-leaseback might be right for you.

#2. I'm thinking of retiring, but want to keep farming
Has your farm increased in value? If so, consider unlocking equity that's tied up in land so you can put your money to use for retirement.

#3. My daughter wants to take over the farm
Want to pass the farm to your children, but they don't have the savings to buy it? Help them take over the farm while gaining access to cash for your retirement.

How a sale-leaseback can help you reach your goals

Strengthen Balance Sheet

Pay down debt & gain access to capital so you can reinvest in equipment, inputs & infrastructure to optimize your farming operations.

Improve Cash Flow

Does money always feel tight? Increase your financial flexibility to operate your farm with less risk & less stress.

Plan for Retirement

Capitalize on land appreciation & unlock equity that can be used to finance your retirement. Keep farming the land yourself or help your children get started.

Land rich, cash poor? Unlock equity that's tied up in land & capitalize on the increase in your farm's value over the time you've been farming.

About FarmlandFinder

We're here to help.
FarmlandFinder provides optionality for progressive farm families, which can be an enabling factor to support their long-term strategic planning. In turn, FarmlandFinder offers farmland investors an opportunity and clear path to gaining exposure to the unique investment characteristics of American farmland.

We're farm kids & boundary pushers.
In 2015, when standing at a land auction with his dad, our company's founder realized that his family was going to have a difficult time expanding their operation if they couldn't think differently about accessing land. If they could expand their land base, without taking on additional debt or find a way to unlock equity that was tied up in land, they could have more control over how they invest in their business. However, no such solution existed for American farmland. This gap in the market led to the development of FarmlandFinder, which is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa - right in the heartland.

We care deeply about the land.
The land is our heritage, our foundation and what we will build the future upon. It deserves to be taken care & be passed to the next generation with grace... that's why we do what we do.

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