What originally drew you to FarmlandFinder and why did you choose to accept your position?

“I live in the middle of farm country and was brought into a family whose livelihood is farming. When I discovered FarmlandFinder, I learned that they were helping to solve a problem that is so relevant in the farming world. I instantly felt drawn to them and wanted to be a part of that solution. After meeting with several people from the company & learning more about their vision, I had no hesitation accepting the job!” - Samantha Sinko, Customer Success Manager
“A mission to change an industry that has a lot of room for technological advancement and a founder who listens well and cares for people.” - Peter Jaques, Head of Real Estate

What is the culture like at FarmlandFinder?

“The culture at FarmlandFinder is extremely cohesive. We truly encapsulate what it means to be "the tide that raises all ships." We are a group of professionals who are looking to make an impact on the industry, but most importantly want to make an impact together, as a group.” - Andrew Dinsdale, Operations Lead
“We've got a team of solid people who take deep pride in their work while not letting their ego get in the way of progress. Each team member is willing to roll up their sleeves, wear multiple hats & do whatever it takes to achieve our mission.” - Steven Brockshus, Founder & CEO
“Farmlandfinder has a unique culture of collaboration, ownership, enthusiasm. Flexible work environment, trusting relationships and respectful workplace allows me to keep growing professionally and creating a better world and impacting the lives of others. A lot of growing startups talk about culture, but it’s definitely something you both feel and see when you work with us.” - Tim Avilov, Backend Engineer

Where do you see successful leadership within the company?

“I see successful leadership from every member of the company. Everyone is always willing to do more and provide guidance where they can. That, in my opinion, is the best type of leadership because it shows that rank is not a factor.” - Mario Merino, Frontend Engineer
“Task distribution and macro-managing. Each of us is good at contributing to others in the realms in which we work, but not afraid to step out of our own realms to help. I also see successful leadership in not micro-managing: we are told what needs to be done from a high level and then we achieve with our own creativity from there.” - Joe Wilson, Data and Research Team Lead
“The FarmlandFinder team is built of leaders. That being said, this team began as one man, Steven Brockshus, who is truly a tide that raises all ships here at FarmlandFinder. A successful leader surrounds themselves with others that hold the same ambition and drive. Steven has done exactly that when creating this team” - Hannah Spies, Marketing and Customer Success Intern 

What is the most challenging aspect/part of working at FarmlandFinder?

“The most challenging aspect of working at FarmlandFinder is making sure that we are serving our customers the best way possible. We take great pride in serving our customers, however, we always want to do more. The challenge is finding new ways to stay connected and to continuously illustrate that we love our customers.” - Samantha Sinko, Customer Success Manager
“The farmland industry is non-digitized & we have the opportunity to change that, which is no easy task. Internally, we have transparent metrics, clear accountability & focused objectives so that each team member knows what success is. This creates a high-growth environment that isn't for everyone, but for the right people - which I'm grateful we have - it's an environment to thrive in.” - Steven Brockshus, CEO & Founder
“Finding data-focused farmland companies who are serious about continuing to grow their operations in this technological age requires the FarmlandFinder team to have laser focus because change can often happen very slowly for our customers. The change that is coming to this market is not necessarily the change that has been accepted yet, and so continually providing world-class products to customers who have a lot of hurdles in order to meet that change is our biggest challenge.” - Ryan Frahm, Head of Product

What is your favorite aspect/part of working at FarmlandFinder?

“FarmlandFinder tools create tangible solutions to every-day challenges that are prevalent in the transactional farmland industry. So it is very satisfying when I get to provide these solutions to data-focused farmland organizations that recognize the value and utility of our software toolsets.” - David Zawalich, Product Solutions Specialist
“Being a college student who is excited to enter the industry, personal and professional development are two important areas of focus in my life. Not only does the FarmlandFinder work environment encourage and provide you with resources to grow and obtain your goals, but you are surrounded by people who also strive to better themselves and those around them.” - Hannah Spies, Marketing and Customer Success Intern
“My favorite part of working at FarmlandFinder is by far the people. The team is full of such a diverse set of skills, personalities, and talents, I think it really sets us up for long-term success and growth. Each team member looks for ways to grow their own skills and learn from the expertise of others as well!” - Diondre Lewis, Lead Engineer

What is something about the future of the company that excites you?

“We're re-writing the playbook to buy, sell & value farmland by leveraging technology. By starting at a fundamentally different starting point, we're providing value to customers in ways that weren't previously possible... and that will only become more evident as we continue to grow the company.” - Peter Jaques, Head of Real Estate
“We are a young company. When I imagine our products and offerings supported by our great leadership and staff through the lens of our potential future growth as a market-leading organization in a massive & growing market, it is a very exciting prospect.” - David Zawalich, Product Solutions Specialist

Why should someone consider joining the FarmlandFinder team?

“The opportunity to become a front-runner in this field is extremely valuable. The people are great. The mission is founded upon doing good, honest business across the board.” - Diondre Lewis, Lead Engineer
“If you're a high performer then this is an amazing environment for you to come build the highest quality products on the market. I've never been apart of a team that dreams so big and then actually makes those dreams a reality. We don't settle for anything but World Class.” - Ryan Frahm, Head of Product
“You shouldn't if you're looking for an easy job. Something I say to every new team member is that this will likely be the most challenging job you've ever had. If you're the type of person that is excited by that - then you'd fit right in.” - Steven Brockshus, CEO & Founder


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