Peoples Company is a full-service land transaction business that provides brokerage, appraisal, farm management & investment services.

Visualizing map-based data shouldn't be hard

Historically for Peoples Company, farmland records and sale information lived in different silos, making it difficult to extract market insights. Managed farms' information was handled by farm managers. Comps were kept in the appraisal department. Farm prospects were maintained by the land investment department. Sales were handled by agents. As one of the largest farmland brokerage platforms in the country, Peoples Company quickly outgrew their current data solutions and turned to FarmlandFinder to help get insights from their data.

The biggest challenge President Steve Bruere faced was simple: he had different data sets in different places and there was no good way to pull them together. He was using Google Earth, spreadsheets and PDF maps that didn’t give him a complete picture of the market.

When Peoples Company started building an in-house farmland data dashboard, Bruere reached out for help, “I was looking for a dashboard to quickly see comps, managed farms, appraisals, investment prospects & market data.” He called FarmlandFinder because there was no other good provider of up-to-date farmland sales information.

Get more from your data

“FarmlandFinder has great data and data drives all of what we do," Bruere said. "They’re able to aggregate sales data and do it quicker, cheaper and more efficient than we ever could on our own.” He wanted a better way to visualize their map-based data, so his team built an in-house data dashboard, connected it to FarmlandFinder’s API and the solution gives them a complete view of the farmland market. From day one, FarmlandFinder’s API provided real-time market data – which gave Peoples Company an edge.

“By connecting the API to our data dashboard, we’re able to toggle between managed farms, appraised properties, investment prospects and the sales data that shows nearby comps and land sales. This makes it easy to get insights from the data.”

“Farmland is one of the last arbitrage places in the real estate market. The company that can leverage data wins. Using these tools, we can identify areas that are over or under producing & get actionable insights that help us make decisions and do better at our job.” Bruere says the most compelling aspect of FarmlandFinder’s API is how easy it is to use. “They have great data that helps us get a detailed view of the market."

FarmlandFinder is a better solution


  • There was no good way to pull together data sets about the farmland market
  • Previous solutions took a lot of time, were disparate and difficult to compare


  • FarmlandFinder helped Peoples Company view in-house data side-by-side with real-time market sales and comps
  • Peoples Company benefited from the FarmlandFinder Sales Data API
  • Easy-to-visualize sales data ensured greater market intelligence and peace of mind

"The FarmlandFinder API allows us to efficiently layer our internal data on managed farms, listings or our appraisal database to quickly see farms that are actively being marketed. Utilizing the API gives us great insight into the farmland market without having to dedicate staff time to research this information."

- Steve Bruere, President at Peoples Company

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