FarmlandFinder appoints Jamey Grafing as Chief Commercial Officer

Des Moines, IA, (October 27, 2020) – FarmlandFinder Inc, a technology provider that helps farmland companies and lending institutions digitize farmland transactions, today announced that Jamey Grafing will be taking on the role of Chief Commercial Officer.

Grafing was previously the Senior Vice President at the Farm Credit System Commercial Finance Group (“CFG”) in Minneapolis. The Commercial Finance Group is joint venture of multiple US based Farm Credit Associations that have pooled financial capital and resources to support agribusiness and rural infrastructure projects. Grafing has 14 years of experience in the Farm Credit System and since 2018, Jamey spent his time at the Commercial Finance Group as a senior lending and marketing resource, helping develop and facilitate CFG’s investment strategy in the national food and ag marketplace.

Prior to his tenure at the Farm Credit System, Mr. Grafing spent 10 years at CHS Inc, a Fortune 100 farmer-owned agricultural and energy cooperative. He initially was Chief Financial Officer of the captive finance subsidiary, CHS Capital, before becoming the Cooperative’s firstCorporate Treasurer. As Treasurer, Jamey was responsible for all aspects of global debt, preferred stock and investor relations for CHS.

“I’m really pleased and excited to join FarmlandFinder,” said Grafing. “I believe all participants in farmland transactions will benefit from FarmlandFinder’s mission to make those transactions simple, instant and online. The agricultural industry increasingly relies on technology and the time is right to bring farmland transactions onto a digital platform.”

Steven Brockshus, Founder and CEO of FarmlandFinder said, “We’ve got a bold mission and we need bold leaders to help make it a reality. Jamey is a heavy-hitter with decades of expertise building world-class companies in the ag finance space. He is rightly suited to lead our commercial efforts as we continue to provide value across the farmland transaction value chain.”

Before joining CHS, Jamey joined US bank as the Senior Vice President and Central Region Manager for Food and Agribusiness. Grafing’s early career was spent in analyst and loan officer roles in agricultural and agribusiness lending. For over 30 years, Jamey has been deeply involved in the agriculture lending, corporate finance and capital markets.  

About FarmlandFinder Inc.

FarmlandFinder is a high-growth, venture-backed startup that is bringing transparency and liquidity to the agricultural real estate industry by providing a digital framework to move transactions forward for data-focused farmland companies and ag lending institutions. The company mission is to make farmland sales simple, instant and online.


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