Susan is an investor from Iowa who wants to leave a legacy for the next generation of her family. “Land is the most secure investment long term for my family. Increasing my land holdings helps to build wealth for my family,” shared Susan.

She came across FarmlandFinder when looking for a stable asset that has a long-term hold value. Susan had a history of investing in commercial real estate, and was savvy with making educated investments, but had never purchased a farm.

When she started working on her buyer profile, all she knew was the internal rate of return she was looking for and that she wanted a renter who truly invested in the farms health. “Banks were only giving 1 or 2%. To have a nice healthy window of profit with a 6-10% return on investment investing in farmland was attractive to me,” said Susan. “My Land Support Specialist listened well and made sure the investment met my criteria.” FarmlandFinder helped Susan understand this asset class and connected her with a farming family that was open to partnering with an investor to expand their acres.

"FarmlandFinder was the answer for how to start investing in farmland. It’s the simplest. God brought me to a group that I can trust. I didn’t know where to start. FarmlandFinder simplified the process, accelerated my ability to learn and helped me invest wisely.” - Susan B. - Investor; Iowa

Once the farmer identified a property to buy, FarmlandFinder helped both parties understand the market prices and get a long-term rental contract in place. “The Land Support Specialist helped coordinate an attorney for me in the same region as my investment. She was amazing and protected my interest... I’m thankful to FarmlandFinder for the introduction,” said Susan. Both parties agreed that, in the long run, it was best if the property could be owned by the farmer, so they put in place an option to purchase, which also aligned incentives for both Susan and the farmer to prioritize soil health.

From the day Susan was introduced to FarmlandFinder to the time she closed on her first farm was about a month and a half. FarmlandFinder helped give her the confidence to buy the property and a clear path to invest in farmland. “It’s the first thing I’ve done on my own as a widow that I’m confident it was done well. FarmlandFinder set me up for success,” said Susan.

From one simple connection, came a land sale that united two families and created an opportunity not only for Susan to leave a generational legacy for her family, but also to help a father and two sons expand their farming operation.

When asked what she’d share with others considering an investment in Farmland, Susan said, “I have no wisdom. Just buy. You can’t buy too much farmland.”

If you’re an investor looking to buy farmland, create a buyer profile & we’ll help you get started, just like we did for Susan.


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