Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of FarmlandFinder Offers, a private marketplace for farmland. 

How does it work? 

A landowner can request an offer on their land. Once submitted, the property will be sent to our private network of verified buyers who can make an offer for the property through the platform. 

For landowners 

For landowners, this provides a new way to quickly answer so many of the unknowns. Is now a good time to sell? What might my farm be worth? How do I go about finding a buyer? By requesting an offer, you’re not committing to sell. You’re not even listing your land. You’re simply asking for an offer. This is equivalent to sharing with someone over coffee that you might be open to getting an offer on your land. There is no listing agreement or exclusivity associated with requesting an offer. If you’re a landowner, click here to request a no-obligation offer on your land.

For buyers

For farmland buyers, this provides you a new way to access off-market properties. Whether you’re an expanding farmer, land investor or simply have interest in buying farmland someday, FarmlandFinder Offers gives you access to a pipeline of properties that fit your purchasing criteria, provides contextual data to help you navigate the market and allows you to make offers on land from the comfort of your couch. If you’re an expanding farmer, land investor or potential buyer, click here to create a buyer profile.

For farmers 

For farmers, we put an investor in your back pocket. If you have a neighbor who would sell their land to you, but you don’t have the money to put up for it - we can connect you with an investor who will buy the property and do a long-term cash rent agreement with you. This way you can expand your operation without taking on additional debt. Additionally, our buyer network can provide you optionality - so if you’re looking to free up some working capital that’s tied up in land, we can connect you with an investor to do a sale-leaseback, with an option to purchase, so you can keep farming and have the right to repurchase it in the future. If you have a property in mind and would like to partner with an investor to expand your operation, click here to share some information and get matched with an investor.

What does it mean for brokers? 

Through FarmlandFinder Offers, brokers can request an offer on a pocket listing to assist their client in a more efficient, cost-effective and private manner. Maybe the seller wants a private sale or the property just ‘no-saled’ at auction, but didn’t meet the reserve. By giving your client’s land exposure to our private buyer network, this creates a quicker, cheaper, more private way for you to help your client. If you’re a broker, click here to request an offer from our buyer network on your private listing. If you’re a broker, click here to request an offer from our buyer network on your private listing.

What does it cost to use FarmlandFinder Offers? 

We don’t do listing agreements. There are no subscription fees. It is free to request an offer. There is no fee to create a buyer profile. We keep the lights on by charging a 3% platform fee, payable by the buyer, only upon purchase of a property through the platform. It’s that simple.

Why did we create FarmlandFinder Offers?

One of our core values is to be the rising tide that raises all ships. When we look at the agricultural industry, there are plenty of challenges. The barrier to entry for beginning farmers is more expensive than ever before. There are more absentee landowners than any point in history who are looking for answers about their land and don’t know what their options are. There are more investor dollars being raised and deployed in farmland in the last three years than there has been in the last ten years. Farmers are looking for optionality when it comes to expanding their operations. The time is now to make farmland transactions available online and simple.

Over time, the objective is to increase liquidity in the farmland market by building an interconnected network of landowners and farmland industry professionals. By decreasing barriers to entry and increasing access to information, we believe the future of this market will look different than it has in the past - creating new opportunities for all folks who have a vested interest in the land.

Our mission is to make farmland sales simple, instant and online. FarmlandFinder Offers is one step of many in that direction.


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