FarmlandFinder and Ag-Analytics® are partnering to increase access to land sale data through an on-demand Farmland Sales Data Feed and API.

“This innovative partnership with FarmlandFinder will allow users to easily access detailed information from tens of thousands of listings to scale their analytics. This will help the ag community more easily assess market conditions and trends to find the best values in the market from an independent data source”, says Josh Woodard, CEO of Ag-Analytics. “We don’t engage in brokering real estate deals and have no farmland investment interests, so are in the best position as an independent third-party to provide this information to the ag community.”

The data feed includes current farmland listings as well as historical sales & auction results to provide growers and analysts with advanced market insights. The data are collected from tens of thousands of public records and structured to enable easy geospatial analysis. The data feed primarily covers twelve states across the Midwestern US.

The solution also provides functionality to optimize farmland sales and listing searches by filtering on a variety of location and other criteria, and is updated continuously as properties are sold or change status. It also organizes by listing and parcel providing accurate boundary information for listings containing multiple parcels.

“Every industry that experiences digitization and connectedness is better able to serve the people who play in that sandbox. With farmland real estate, it’s no different. That is why we’re excited to partner with Ag-Analytics to bring real-time market data to help growers and land professionals better make data-driven decisions,” says Steven Brockshus, CEO of FarmlandFinder.

Users can register online and start using the Farmland Sales API in minutes. It is offered on a monthly subscription basis and a free trial of the API is also available. It can be accessed in the Ag-Analytics Developer Portal at or at

About FarmlandFinder

FarmlandFinder is on a mission to create transparency in the farmland market. Through market intelligence and data management tools, growers and land professionals can access real-time information to make data-driven decisions throughout every step in the land transaction process. For more information, visit:

About Ag-Analytics

Ag-Analytics® is a grower analytics platform that specializes in the analysis of precision ag data, remote satellite analytics and risk management. Through its flagship profit mapping product, Profit Layers, it provides advanced analytics to growers through precision ag integrations with John Deere Operations Center and Climate FieldView.

Ag-Analytics also provides a large number of other free geospatial linked data feeds such as soil, weather, satellite data and much more. It will also be launching an AI driven land value forecast tool in the near future for growers through FarmScope at

For more information about Ag-Analytics visit


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