Effective December 1, 2020, we're depreciating the FarmlandFinder Market Intelligence tools & introducing FarmlandFinder Enterprise.

The Market Intelligence toolsets were designed to combat the arduous & time-consuming process of aggregating sales comps & farmland market data. We knew our customers would eventually want a way to manage their own proprietary sales database, so we began experimenting with data management solutions in Q1 2020. This digital platform serves as a dashboard to consolidate a company’s proprietary sales information into one easy-to-use location. Providing quicker, more streamlined access to sales data that is available company wide gives land professionals instant access to powerful, proprietary data so they can better support customers and influence business decisions.

Throughout this year, we’ve seen an increased demand from customers to have a cloud-based solution that allows the direct management of their proprietary sales data. This product line has been quick to establish traction within the market. As a result, FarmlandFinder grew its revenue from Enterprise accounts 5x YTD and expanded its team by 30%. This growth is driven by a diverse collection of data-driven ag lenders, farm managers, appraisers & brokers across the country. 

That is why we’re rolling the property reports and landowner search functionality from Market Intelligence into our Enterprise tools, and discontinuing to be a provider of any sales comps, auction results or past sales data.

FarmlandFinder was founded in 2017 with the mission to make the world’s farmland information accessible. While this is the end of our initial sales research product, we see it as a natural evolution in our company’s trajectory, and a very exciting one at that. With FarmlandFinder Enterprise tools, our network of farmland service providers will have a central toolset that enables them to better harness their own data and be better prepared to remain competitive in a more digitized world.

If you would like to get a tour of our new FarmlandFinder Enterprise tools, complete with a bring-your-own-data sales repository, property reports, landowner search, digital plat maps & file storage, please book a demo here.

It’s been a privilege to serve you & we look forward to this next chapter with both FarmlandFinder Offers and FarmlandFinder Enterprise.

Steven Brockshus
Founder & CEO


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