Map-based intelligence & digital plat books

A large part of being a broker in any market is staying up to date on the current market status and upcoming sales in the area. With FarmlandFinder Enterprise tools, a broker is able to create clarity within their own jurisdiction by organizing land sales using a map-based storage system. The value this tool provides brokers continues to grow the more it is utilized. Being able to see and organize what land is and isn’t for sale within a specific geographic region is a tool appreciated by many of our users. In addition to the file storage opportunities, the digital plat maps modernizes and simplifies the landowner search process. Through our partnership with Farm & Home Publishers, brokers have access to over 516 counties worth of plat books, which are available in your personalized data management portal, so you don’t have to flip through hard copy or PDF plat books anymore.

Cloud-based file storage

In many states, brokers are required to keep certain records for a set period of time once the transaction has been completed. Storing these important documents in a safe and secure space, while still being organized and easily accessible is a need for many brokerages. The cloud-based file storage through an Enterprise account allows brokers to upload their own files and data into the map-based storage software to organize and stay aligned with state requirements. Files can be downloaded and printed when need be, but having them in a digital format allows you to ensure they are protected and cannot be lost due to hard copy damage. A map-based layout allows you to see exactly what land you have touched and have easy access to the records from past sales and present transactions.

Internally shared sales & comps database

Many of the brokers we serve don’t work alone, so communication across their teams is key. Historically, comps and sale records have lived in individual spreadsheets on individual team member computers. By getting this information into a cloud-based format that is shared across the team, organizational clarity and efficiency will increase. The ability to leverage your internal data to better serve clients has never been this readily accessible. A shared digital database, along with cloud-based file storage allows for the sharing of data across teams within a company, so all team members can provide clients with current, accurate information. Digitizing records removes the opportunity for human error in communication as files can be accessed by team members who are granted access; creating cohesiveness within a team and saving time along the way.


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