The results are in... Iowa’s average land value for 2016 is $7,041 per acre. When you break this down by land quality, here are the results:

  • High (75+ CSR2): $8,615 per acre
  • Medium (55-74 CSR2): $6,686 per acre
  • Low (<55 CSR2): $5,466 per acre

What does CSR2 mean?

CSR2 stands for Corn Suitability Rating 2. It is an index ranging from 0 to 100 that determines the soil’s productivity, with 100 having the most productivity potential. The original CSR system was developed by Iowa State University in the early 1970’s as a means to determine land values for county assessors to tax property in Iowa. The system was revised in 2013 to provide a more data-driven and transparent formula for determining productivity values.

Download the Full Report

The 2016 Farmland Values Report provides an in-depth analysis of land values in Iowa’s farmland real estate market. Here is a preview of what you will find in the full report:

  • County Land Values
  • Crop Reporting District Land Values
  • Average Sale Price by Month
  • Land Sale Activity by Month

Download the archived 2016 Farmland Values Report here.

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