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Protect Your Wealth

With consistent long-term appreciation and passive income, the potential for farmland as an investment is significant; all with less price/return volatility and a hedge against inflation.

Stable & Diversifying Asset

As a real asset, farmland has a very stable valuation with lower volatility compared to stocks. Our investment opportunities work to help stabilize and diversify your portfolio.

Feed the World

With increasing global population and demand for food, farmland has attractive long-term returns. All our farmland investment opportunities come with a tenant in place who practices modern stewardship principles.

Why Farmland?

You can build wealth in two ways when investing in farmland: annual cash rent payments & long-term land appreciation.

$1,000 Invested in Farmland vs. Other Assets

Historical returns of farmland as an asset class are attractive, uncorrelated with other assets.

* Data sources: NCREIF, TIAA Center for Farmland Research, National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, NYU Stern School of Business and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

Average Midwestern Farmland Appreciation

With an average change of 7.03%, farmland has grown in value substantially since the 1980s.

* Data source: USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service

Farmland investing, simplified

Everything you need to have confidence in your next deal.

  • Access to Exclusive Opportunities
  • Investment Analysis
  • Soil Maps
  • Crop History
  • Comparable Sales
  • Property Appraisal*
  • Producer Profile*
  • Disclosures
* Features not always available

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Browse Exclusive Offerings

View exclusive farmland opportunities accompanied with all the information needed to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Early Access to Properties

Gain early access to off-market deals coming down the pipeline. Get notified when properties enter the dashboard so you don’t miss out on important offerings.

Direct to Farmer Offers

Submitting an offer on farmland has never been easier or quicker! Once you are ready and have selected a property, electronically submit your offer directly to the farmer!

Personalized Dashboard

View all your sale-leaseback offerings in one place. Keep track of all the offers you've placed and properties of interest in your personalized investor dashboard.

Whole Farm Ownership

We give our investors the unique opportunity to own the entire farm, not just a fraction like other investment opportunities.

Expert Support

You have questions? We have answers (or we'll get them for you)! Our Land Support Specialists will provide assistance through every step of the investment process.

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What Investors Are Saying

"Buying land with FarmlandFinder was easy. It was my first time buying farmland and the information they provided made it easy for me to make a choice... I'm already looking for my second property!"

Susan B.
First-time land investor from Iowa

"The amount of details on these farms, not only the property itself, but also the story into the tenant and why they are selling is crucial. I really like the depth of information - comparable sales, cash rents and other intuitive analysis for that specific property."

Farmland investor from Iowa

"Farmland finder offers a very unique product which I've not seen elsewhere. The platform is clear and easy to navigate. Exactly what I was looking for as I'm exploring investing in this sector."

First-time land investor from Michigan

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