Simplify how you manage
map-based data.

We take the work out of storing map-based data so you can accomplish more. Learn how painless file management can be with FarmlandFinder Data Management tools.

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How it works

FarmlandFinder helps you store, manage and access your map-based data from anywhere - without the need for a filing cabinet

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Store your map-based data in the cloud.

Upload files & folders with ease

Drop a pin for map-based data: sales, comps, managed farms

Keep notes on files, folders & properties

Manage your property files with ease.

Toggle on different layers of data

Visualize sales, comps & managed farms side-by-side

Quickly retrieve files when on the road

Access your information from anywhere.

Share your map-based data with all team members

Use as a tool to when presenting to clients

Quickly retrieve files when on the road

Grow with FarmlandFinder

"It’s going to work much better for farm management companies and appraisal teams, so their different team members can see numerous layers of data side-by-side. Today, the reality is that we need to help farmland professionals do things as quickly as possible so they can remain competitive. That's why we're partnering with FarmlandFinder - so that these professionals have access to what they need."
Mark Elder
Head Engineer, AgWare
Ditch the filing cabinet. Store, manage & access your data in the cloud.